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Hell yeah the new Cinderella isn't about "a man rescuing a woman." The new trailer for the Kenneth Branagh-directed fairytale is here, and we'd venture to say it's swoony, sweeping, and even a little feminist. There's some romantic competition in the form of a Spanish princess in a fabulous mantilla. Oh, and did we mention that everybody wears super saturated colors except our heroine, who's always in pastels, and that Robb Stark's eyes are klieg-light blue?
Léa Seydoux Puts a French Twist on Screen Siren
From a Bardot-inspired ponytail to matte rose–stained lips, Léa Seydoux’s red carpet appearances are a testament to the timeless allure of iconic French style—with a modern twist. At the EE British Academy Film Awards in London last night, the upcoming Bond girl gave a nod to Hollywood’s glamorous golden age (while making a compelling case for the round-brush blowout) with her polished bob—a sleek style that still kept the focus on her best asset: A perfect Parisian-red mouth.
Golden Globe Awards, January 2015
An extra-long, sleek ponytail parted at one side complemented Katie Holmes's make-up look, which focused upon smoky eyes and nude lips.
AT THE ACADEMY OF MOTION PICTURE ARTS AND SCIENCES' SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL AWARDS ON 2/7/15 Rather than finishing off her sleek middle-parted 'do with a low chignon or ponytail, Robbie went for a whimsical French braid.
SAG Awards, January 2015
For the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Emma Stone wore her hair in a sleek, side-parted ponytail, complemented by red lipstick and eyes defined in bronze hues.
The Return of Hot Rollers
If it wasn’t something in the air, it was something on our Instagram feeds. First there was Karlie Kloss, applying Technicolor lipstick in the mirror with her hair pinned into smooth coils on her head. Then came Gisele Bündchen, wrapped in a terry-cloth robe, her bombshell hair tumbling out of a set of neon pink rollers. After a decade of second-day grunge waves, we’d almost forgotten that rollers existed. Was unapologetically glamorous hair on the brink of making a comeback? “We’ve shied away from the luxury of hair for a long time,” hairstylist Harry Josh explains to me on a snowy Monday morning in his sunlit Manhattan kitchen, referencing the move toward limp air-dried waves and messy model-off-duty buns on the runways in recent months.
Low & Loose
A headband that wraps all the way around your head is more than just an accessory—it can hold a low, looped updo. 1. Work mousse through towel-dried hair, flip your head upside down, and blow-dry. 2. Part your hair in the middle and loosely wrap a few of the front pieces around a one-and-a-half-inch curling iron, turning the iron away from your face. 3. Position your headband an inch from your hairline and around the back of your head, just above the nape of your neck. It should sit on your hair like a hat. Push it up slightly to create volume at the crown. 4. Mist the length of your hair with texturizing spray, gather it into a low ponytail, and tuck it up and over into the headband at the nape, smooshing it all together in the middle. Use several pins to create a round bun shape from the tucked hair and to add additional support.
The Beauty Hit List
Makeup is melt proof, braids are back, and the season’s sunniest highlights come in a bottle: Summer’s best looks have never been easier—or looked better—than right now
There are some of us who still can't quite believe that New York Fashion Week is upon us once again, but for the models hitting the runways this week, preparation is well underway—castings and fittings, yes, but also doing everything to ensure that their bodies are in top form to take the catwalk. For this, many of the industry's top faces (including Karlie Kloss, Martha Hunt, Irina Shayk, and Miranda Kerr) rely on modelFIT, the gym opened last year by Justin Gelband and Vanessa Packer in NYC.
Olivia Wilde and the Art of Stealth Ombré Hair Color
Olivia Wilde showed off a new kind of stealth beauty transition: elegantly grown-out ombré. Snapped in New York yesterday with her hair dyed a rich shade of hazelnut and tipped with a few inches of sunny gold.
The Whitest Beach
The WHITE beach on Boracay Island is WHITE like paper white. The sand is like flour, so nicely manicured by the high end resorts, it's just a pleasure to walk through it. The rest of the beach is just so lovely. Great walks for sunset, just beautiful...
The World's Best Restaurants has been announced, and the big news is of course that Noma has regained its title as number one restaurant in the world. Last year's number one, el Celler de Can Roca, has dropped to number two.
The Best Instagrams from Chanel Spring 2015 Coutur
Dotted with curious mechanical flowers and palm trees, Chanel’s glorious hothouse set design in Paris was a sight to behold even before the lights went up on the runway. And with darlings of the house like Kristen Stewart and Vanessa Paradis in attendance, the Grand Palais was encircled with paparazzi. To get a 360-degree view of the spectacle, we combed our Instagram feed for the images that truly captured the moment, like models tending to the flowers with a Chanel logo watering can, backstage detail shots of those intricate handcrafted dresses, and Kris Jenner and Karl Lagerfeld giving Blue Steel selfies from the front row.
Kauai - Hawaii the Garden Island
Blessed with spectacular natural panoramas and lush vegetation, some call Kauai Hawaii's most scenic island. Although it is the oldest among the Hawaiian Islands